Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Evolv NX


Evolv NX will Go Live on all SPIN Home Computers Monday 5/17. Please make sure to complete your CDS lesson “How to enter a Residential Daily Journal in Evolv NX” if you have not done so already.

The process of Go Live includes:

  • Google Chrome becomes the default web browser for all Websites
  • Evolv link within Google Chrome bookmarks updated for Evolv NX
  • Evolv Desktop shortcut updated for Evolv NX
  • Internet Explorer will be disabled

We will initiate the Auto update at 9AM and the process could take up to two hours to reach every home.  IT will monitor the roll out and manually update any homes if necessary.

Evolv NX how to’s for Residential tasks are available from this link: ​Folder icon Residential (When prompted enter your Spin email address and Spin Password to open folder). Please let IT know if you have any questions or concerns by creating an support ticket via emailing or calling 215-612-7530.

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